Chubby brunette enjoys sensual massage

The chubby brunette stepped into the massage parlor feeling anxious yet excited. She had heard that they offered some of the most sensual massages in town. Once inside, she laid face down on the massage table and tried to relax. The masseuse slowly began to rub her body with fragrant oils, a soft rhythm that soon lulled her into a sense of euphoric relaxation. As the massage continued, the gentle caressing of her body became more and more sensual. She felt pleasure radiating through her body, the chubby brunette completely in an enjoyable trance. The pressure from the masseuse's hands increased with each motion, pushing away all worries and stress from the brunette's mind. With the definition of her curves taking more prominence, the masseuse continued to give her body the most tantalizing massage possible. The brunette left feeling more relaxed and satisfied than ever before. She couldn't help but smile as she stepped back out into the world.

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