Chubby BBW girl pleasure herself with a toy

The chubby BBW girl reclined in her bed. Her curves round and full, her hands instinctively roved over her body to get ready for the pleasure she was about to give herself. She imagined the sensation of her favorite vibrator pleasurably rubbing against her skin before she even took it out of its box. The first touch of the toy against her clitoris brought a moan of delight. Her curves bounced with every thrust as she brought herself ever closer to her satisfaction. The vibrations increased in intensity until they gave her a powerful orgasm that had her shivering with pleasure while she still had the toy between her legs. The BBW girl was left with a satisfied smile on her face as she got up from her bed. She had just experienced the incomparable pleasure derived from her own body. She had explored the delight that could come from pleasing herself, as not only a chubby BBW girl, but as a sensual creature.

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