Big tits girls in lingerie engaging in intimate embrace

The sultry air began to charge as the two girls stood facing eachother in nothing but their skimpy lingerie. Sweet scented beads of sweat started rolling down their bodies while they both admired the eye-catching curves of their partner. Their big, round, immaculate tits bouncing up and down as the embraced and their wet bodies started to rub ever so gently making even their deepest sensations wake up. The two grasped eachother close and felt the warmth growing between them. As the embracing intensified, they felt as their firm tits were glued together, and the softer moans started to fill the room. The passionate embrace was soon followed by fiery kisses that seemed to light up the whole night. Their handfuls of lingerie could not even contain their soft bodies, and they both allowed the pleasure to wash over them. The more their inner powers were awakened, the more their intimate embrace would slowly overwhelm every inch of their bodies. Even after hours filled with passion and dreams, they still felt their big, firm tits pressed against eachother as the night faded away and the morning came.

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