Big beautiful woman posing provocatively in bikini

The tall and voluptuous woman was standing in a white g-string bikini that barely covered her curves. Her smooth skin practically glowed in the evening light. She had become aware of the eyes of the men around her following her every move, and her muscles tensed in anticipation. She knew exactly what they wanted. The woman looked over her shoulder, her eyes hooded as she offered a teasing view of her body. Without warning, she undid the knot of her bikini top. Her breasts spilled out, more beautiful and inviting than anyone could have imagined. Then she raised her arms above her head, her stride confident and alluring as she walked the length of the pool. A man could not take his eyes off her. He knew that the slightest glance from her could melt him into the ground. Still she kept her gaze averted; her beauty too powerful to be given without restraint. She had become a goddess, a big beautiful woman decked in a bikini, posing provocatively and demanding attention from every man around her.

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