Big-breasted girls in passionate foreplay, caressing and kissing each other

Brooke and Bianca were best friends since they were kids, but never before had they felt a connection like this one. As they lay on the bed, their lips crashed together in a passionate kiss, their mouths exploring each other. Everywhere their skin met sent sparks throughout their bodies, guiding them past the point of no return. As Bianca's fingertips grazed Brooke's big-breasted chest, she sighed in delight, her arousal intensifying with each caress. Brooke's hands moved all around Bianca's curves, feeling her pleasure heat up around her fingers. Bianca felt her arousal spread from the tips of her toes to the back of her neck as Brooke's tongue teased her. Their bodies intertwined it seemed as if they wanted to become one - Brooke's fingers continuing their exploration over Bianca's large breasts, her tongue soon following in her wake, her mouth eagerly consuming Bianca. The pleasure was too much to take in and Bianca found herself crying out, unable to contain her pleasure. The sound of Bianca's cry just seemed to urge Brooke further on and as they embraced with their foreplay, they never wanted it to end.

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