BBW women passionately embracing in passionate embrace

The petite woman was in awe of the larger woman before her. Just looking at her voluptuous curves made her heart race. She stepped closer and the two of them, BBW women both, were soon in a passionate embrace. She felt the fire that was building within and wanted nothing more than to explore this new realm of pleasure further. The larger woman seemed more than capable and willing to provide the gratification they both sought. She ran her hands over the other woman's curves and felt a shiver of desire run through her. Their curves fit together perfectly and they moaned softly in perfect harmony. Without saying a word, they both knew what the other wanted. More passionate embraces, gentle caresses, and exploratory touches that teased and tantalized. They were content to lie in each other's arms for eternity, enjoying the beauty that comes from being embraced by a BBW.

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