A chubby girl in lingerie engaging in teasing erotica

Alice was a curvaceous beauty with an overflowing abundance of curves. She loved her body, and was not ashamed to show it. She carefully chose a black lace lingerie set to unleash her inner goddess and looked absolutely stunning. Her partner was taken aback by her confidence and beauty, she was a goddess in his eyes. She began to move around the room slowly, swaying her hips seductively and giving him flattering glances as she passed by. He felt emboldened by the provocative erotica she was teasing him with. Alice continued to entice her partner toward her, taunting him with her seductive moves and provocations. He felt himself succumbing to her charm. When she finally stepped up to him and slightly touched his chest, her chubby body grazing his in the process, both of them felt an electrifying jolt, and the night rushed in blissful pleasure.

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